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By using any or all of Sayre Brothers’ Games (“Sayre Brothers’ Games”, “our”, “us”, “we”) products and services (including this site), you implicitly acknowledge and agree to be bound by our User Terms and Conditions (“Agreement”) which includes the details below, their associated disclosures, our Privacy Policy, our Affiliate Notice, and our Legal Disclaimer (each available at their respective links):

This Agreement sets forth legally binding terms for and conditions of use of the Sayre Brothers’ Games website (“Site”), any related or ancillary Sayre Brothers’ Games website (“Site”), or any Product or Service associated with Sayre Brothers’ Games, it’s parent company, or any division or subsidiary.

A user of our Site or Products or Services is any human or non-human that: visits the Site to read, to spider, or to index its content; visits the Site to submit a comment, pingback, trackback, or advertisement; copies, reuses, or remixes any content on the Site; accesses the Site for whatever reason; considers purchasing, or actually purchases, or actually uses any of our Products or Services.

Whether you are a “Member” (you registered as a user of the Site or via email as a Sayre Brothers’ Games Community Member) or a “Visitor” (you are simply browsing the Site), by using the Site you acknowledge that you have read, understand, and agree to be bound by this entire Agreement.

If you do not accept the terms of this Agreement, you should discontinue use of any Sayre Brothers’ Games Site, related Site, Product or Service immediately.

You are eighteen (18) years of age or older.

The information and content provided is not intended to substitute for advice given by an attorney, accountant, financial advisor, or any other licensed professional. Only a qualified, licensed professional should give you actionable advice. Always consult your legal and financial counsel before making any decision.

All of the content and information provided on any and all Sites, are copyright of Sayre Brothers’ Games and its parent company — except where indicated to the contrary — and may not be repackaged, mixed, disseminated, sold, or copied in any form.

Links to, references to, or mentions of third-party sites are provided “as is”. The content on such sites are independently owned and operated and therefore Sayre Brothers’ Games, its parent company, and employees are not responsible for the content, make no representations or warranties about the content, nor about the accuracy of the content. Links to third-party sites are not an endorsement of those sites nor do they imply an affiliation with those sites.

Ethical Promise Disclosure

We believe in and practice, to the best of our abilities, ethical digital marketing. We have a high standard of ethics and believe that we only become successful by helping others become successful. Part of that is represented in the completeness of our Terms and Conditions.

You should assume that any testimonials shared, examples given, case studies provided, or earnings reported are exceptional and do not represent what the average person will achieve (see Testimonials, Case Studies & Examples Disclosure below).

Changing Terms & Conditions Disclosure

All content and information is subject to changes or updates without notice. The Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Affiliate Notice, and Legal Disclaimer may be modified from time to time, and such modification shall be effective upon notice of change. You agree to be bound by any modifications to this Agreement.

User Content Disclosure

You agree to and understand that we are not responsible for any user content. User content includes any comments (unmoderated or moderated), any links in a comment, the commenter’s avatar choice, any content contained within user-submitted links, any pingbacks, trackbacks, or advertisements. The content of all users is the sole responsibility of that user.

The Site uses automatic spam-filtering algorithms and comment moderation. Comments deemed in the sole discretion of this Site to be spam, derogatory, or inflammatory may be blocked from appearing on the Site. As such, if your content does not pass the filters it will not be displayed.

Alteration of user comments may happen if a comment is deemed relevant to the Site but parts of it are considered inappropriate by us or anyone or any service that we allow to make such determinations on our behalf. You have no recourse to the Site’s editorial decisions. Comments that have been moderated and/or edited are still the sole responsibility of the commenter as detailed above.

Testimonials, Case Studies & Examples Disclosure

Any testimonials, case studies, or examples shared on this Site, on related websites and properties, in any our our Products or Services, on Sayre Brothers’ Games social media accounts, or via any other form of communication, are voluntarily provided. We never pay for testimonials, case studies, or examples.

Testimonials, case studies, or examples do not necessarily represent typical, or even average results. In fact, they can often be exceptional results and do not apply to the average user or buyer.

We make a good faith effort to verify all claims made and examples given. We believe them to be accurate but cannot guarantee their accuracy. As our clients may be from all over the world, and we do not have access to their private financial information, we cannot confirm the veracity of their claims.

Success Not Guaranteed Disclosure

We have no control over nor do we guarantee your results. You are solely on your own. You need to decide whether what we teach or present to you is something that will bring you value in the long run. You also recognize any business endeavor has inherent risks, including potential loss of capital or worse.

Finally, as there is no way to guarantee that you will properly follow our advice, or that you will even invest the time, effort, and resources required (financial and other), we cannot and do not guarantee that our content, Products or Services will help you achieve any results.

Security of Financial Transactions Disclosure

We value you as a user of our Site and Products and Services, and take the security of your sensitive, personal information very seriously. To that end, our website server environment is secured with SSL (just look for that lock icon in your browser’s address bar).

Also, we use Stripe, an industry-trusted, third-party payment gateway to handle all payment processing. By using this third-party payment gateway, we do not need to store your credit card data on our servers. Your full credit card information is only stored by this industry-trusted, third-party payment gateway.

However, we cannot guarantee the security of any third-party payment gateway we currently use or may use in the future.

No Endorsement Disclosure

Usage of the Site by users in no way implies any endorsement for or any affiliation with this Site.

Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy can be found on a separate page but is consider part of our User Terms and Conditions. By using this Site or any of our Products or Services, you agree that you understand and accept our Privacy Policy.

Affiliate Notice

Our Affiliate Notice can be found on a separate page but is consider part of our User Terms and Conditions. By using this Site or any of our Products or Services, you agree that you understand and accept our Affiliate Notice.

Legal Disclaimer

Our full Legal Disclaimer can be found on a separate page but is consider part of our User Terms and Conditions. By using this Site or any of our Products or Services, you agree that you understand and accept our Legal Disclaimer.


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