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Our Privacy Policy, which also contains our Email List Disclosure, is consider part of our User Terms and Conditions. By using this Site or any of our Products or Services, you agree that you understand and accept our Privacy Policy and our User Terms and Conditions.

The Site tries to minimize the need to collect any type of personal information and limit the writing of cookie data to your computer. However, there are a few cases where your personal information is gathered including the possibility of third-party services that store your personal data on their servers. The Site has no control over how third-party sites use your data.

When Data is Collected and Generated

  • When you opt into an email form, other form, or make a purchase of a product or service, you willing enter your personal information on said forms. The content of such forms may be stored either by us or by a third-party service.
  • When you send an email, your email address and the contents of that email may be kept on file.
  • When you post a comment, your username, website address (if provided), and IP address are captured and stored on a server.
  • Each time you visit the Site, a cookie is placed on your computer.
  • Each time you visit the Site, certain data are collected by Google Analytics (see Google Analytics & Facebook Pixel Disclosure below).
  • Each time you visit the Site, and pages throughout the Site, our Facebook pixel tracking code is fired. If you’re logged into Facebook at the time, certain data about your visit will be collected (see Google Analytics & Facebook Pixel Disclosure below).
  • Each time you make a purchase from the store (if present) data about your purchase is stored.

Third-party Services Disclosure

Some plugins, apps, or services the Site uses, or may decide to use in the future, might store your personal data on their servers. The Site has no control over how a third-party plugin, app, or service might store or use your data and is not responsible for that storage or use nor for any third-party’s privacy policy or lack thereof.

Outside of the use of third-party plugins, apps, and services as described above, this Site will not disclose your personal information to any other third party without your consent except in cooperation with law enforcement agencies in regards to violations of applicable laws.

We do not sell, give away, nor provide access to your personal information to which we have access and over which we have control. However, we cannot guarantee how any third-party service or app will treat any of your information that they store on our behalf.

Google Analytics & Facebook Pixel Disclosure

In addition to various third-party plugins, apps, or services this Site uses to store and or collect data (see Third-party Services Disclosure above), we also rely on Google Analytics & Facebook Pixel services to provide us with usage and tracking data. These data help us to better provide quality service to our users.

We are not responsible for how Google and Facebook use the data captured and stored on our behalf. But both parties claim that collected data is not shared with other advertisers or third parties without our permission. They also reserve the right to share such data if required to do so by law.

In keeping with the spirit of the rest of this Privacy Policy, we have no intention of letting (giving permission to) Google or Facebook to share the data they collect from our Site with anyone. It is only intended for use for our own internal purposes — which may include better targeting of advertisements.

Email List Disclosure

You may receive periodic emails from us because you subscribed to one of our email lists either via entering your email address into an opt-in form, purchasing one of our products or services, or simply because you asked to be added to our list.

We respect your privacy and value your time. We will never sell your information to a third party nor spam your inbox. If you wish to stop receiving our emails, you can do so at any time simply by clicking the unsubscribe link provided at the bottom of an any email.

We make all reasonable efforts to remain CAN-SPAM compliant.

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