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Welcome to Sayre Brothers’ Games. We’ve been around since 1807, when dirt was still clean. We were here before the steam locomotive and the first photograph. We were here before pasteurization, dynamite, and Nikola Tesla’s AC motor. Our dreams were flying long before the Wright Brothers. We witnessed the dawn of the horseless carriage and wondered what Al Einstein meant by E = MC2. We were around long before cats clogged up the InterTubes.

We’ve been playing games for a very, very long time. And we’re playing one right now on you. None of the above is true. We’ve actually only been around since 2016. But man, getting to this stage seems like it has taken centuries!

Sayre Brothers’ Games was invented to help inspire today’s gamers and tomorrow’s game developers. We want to help you create, play, and have fun along the way.

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