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Introducing PentaHex

Whether you’re a gamer, game developer, or both, PentaHex is sure to be a fun and creative experience for everyone!

Recent Prototyping Updates

PentaHex Gaming Platform Prototyping Update 6

In our latest PentaHex prototyping update, Michael Sayre and Jeff Sayre present the newest iterations of the PentaHex Gaming Platform — Prototypes 3A and 3B. The new features, issues, and a few insights about the system are discussed. Please watch the video below and...

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PentaHex Prototype 3 Unboxing!

As detailed in the last prototyping update post, we've been working hard at iterating PentaHex board unit prototypes 3A and 3B. Well they've finally arrived from Sculpteo, the 3D-printing service we used for this round of prototyping. This time, we also had some...

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PentaHex Update Review of Sculpteo and Ponoko

Here's a relatively quick review of the two new companies we used in our PentaHex 3A and 3B iterations. We chose to give Sculpteo a try for 3D-printing services and Ponoko a whirl for laser-cutting services. The video that follows on the next post presents the actual...

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